The Shamanic Journey has been undertaken for many centuries among medicine people of all nations. The Shaman's and/or medicine person's purpose for following this path was to provide a vehicle for healing, guidance, personal and communal growth and for looking at omens and other signs to direct and/or guide towards an often uncertain future.
This year long intensive will give the participant an in depth understanding of the history of Shamanism. The participant will, through instruction and practice, also gain knowledge of various methods of Shamanic practice including but not limited to healing modalities, interdimensional travel and the practice of setting boundaries.
After a phone discussion with Debbie depending on prior experience and training the class will be divided into two groups or tribes. The groups will then determine dates and times to get together for practice.
For all of you who will attend I welcome you with an open heart to this journey. Come with an empty cup to fill and drink of the Shamanic Way


Contact Debbie via phone or text: 303-909-6844 

Debbie Schmidt Haynie, MA, LPC, CHT

Debbie focuses her practice on the integration of mind, body and spirit by helping individuals understand their greater potential, clear old patterns, attachments and energies that no longer serve them. Trained in Shamanism, Akashic Record reading and guidance, hypnosis and indigenous techniques, Debbie helps individuals connect more deeply to their soul paths. I look forward to a blessed time with all of you