Transformational Individual Sessions

Integrative Mind, Body and Spirit:  
1 1/2 hour session in Sacred space  with both David and Debbie . Drawing upon the Sacred Trinity and both of David and Debbie's work, this intensive session focus's on clearing the energies and stuck points in the body, mind and spirit. Relying upon the Sacred Space, and upon Spirit, this prayerful and powerful work allows individuals to clear aspects of the self that can sometimes prohibit Spiritual growth. Working together with someone is our most sacred blessing.

Cost:  $160 per session.

Call David 303-918-0538 or Debbie 303-909-6844

Lomilomi:  Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian art of healing passed down to family members from generation to generation. It is a Hawaiian massage that involves  gentle, graceful, rhythmic light or deep massage . Lomilomi removes toxic wastes, tension, pain and tiredness from the body and replaces it with positive energy and vitality. David Lewis LMT recently relocated to Denver from Hawai'i.  David has been a licensed Lomilomi massage therapist in Honolulu, Hawai'i for seven years. David has served most of his life in Spirit and brings prayerfulness and sacredness into all his work.

Call David 303-918-0538

Psychospiritual Integration:  Allowing the wisdom of the soul and of Spirit to transform  wounding, trauma and disharmony in the self is Debbie's dedication. Utilizing her training and work in Shamanism, counseling, Soul Reading (Akashic Records) and trance work, Debbie relies on  the guidance of Spirit in integrating  healing that aims at bringing together  and uniting the Mind, Body and Spirit of each individual. 20 years of varied healing work has led Debbie to her compassionate path of intuitive wisdom, sacred ritual and sacred bond with each individual she works with.

For Healing work or a Soul Reading call Debbie 303-909-6844

Harmony and Balance:  Bringing our work together has been a sacred blessing that has felt very guided by Spirit. It is the merging of our energies in our work that creates that harmony and balance in a healing setting. Many blessings to you on all of your sacred paths.