Debbie Haynie, LPC, MA, CHT, Psychospiritual therapist

Debbie is a psychotherapist and healer dedicated to the integration of the body, mind and spirit/ soul. Through her intimate understanding of the sacred  wisdom that lies within each, Debbie has developed her integrative approach in assisting each individual on their own unique healing journey.

Dedicated to the integration of the body, mind and spirit she assists each individual on their own unique healing and growth journey. Allowing the wisdom of the soul and of Spirit to transform wounding, trauma and disharmony in the self is the focus of Debbie’s work. Utilizing her training and work in shamanism, counseling, Soul Reading (Akashic Records) and trance work, Debbie relies on the guidance of Spirit in integrating healing that aims at bringing together and uniting the mind, body and spirit of each individual. 

20 years of varied counseling work has led Debbie to her compassionate path of intuitive wisdom, sacred ritual and sacred bond with each individual with whom she works. She is a licensed therapist trained in transpersonal psychology, hypnosis, EMDR, shamanic healing practices and intuitive soul work. She holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and is certified as a Licensed Counselor. In addition, Debbie is certified in Hypnotherapy, EMDR and has extensive training in indigenous healing      techniques in Shamanism.

Prior to private practice work, Debbie served as Director of a large Non-Profit focusing on child abuse prevention and treatment. She has a lengthy history in program development, staff supervision, fundraising and community connecting.   She currently serves on the Board of the Heartlight Center for Grief Support and Education.

-My personal and professional integrity is based on my inherent belief in compassion, loving kindness and unconditional acceptance.