Lomi Lomi is based on ancient healing methods from many Eastern and Pacific cultures.  It is not just massage - dealing with the physical aspects of the body -  but also incorporates the mind, emotions and spirit.

Kino is body/physical

Aloha is unconditional love/emotion

'Ano'Ano is seed/belief/mental

Mana is Life Force, spiritual

Some of the terms and concepts used in Lomi Lomi include:

ALO - Honoring the Divine Presence
Alo - the presence of, the face of, and Hä - the breath of life.  In Hawaiian belief, all beings and things share a common genealogy, of Divine Creation.  Within every person, animal, plant, ka ÿäina (land), and ka moana (the ocean), is a life force that is an aspect of the Divine Creative Source, ke Akua (God).  When we express our aloha, we acknowledge that common root.  We recognize and treat all creation as ohana(family), as an aspect of one’s self.

Lomilomi restores health and well being through aloha.  We treat each person that comes to us and we treat ourselves as a mirror of the Divine Creator, of ke Akua.  We share our hä with that person, exchanging mana.  Lomilomi is body-mind-spirit healing through physical manipulation.

Breath of Life Within Another
Breath, and therefore, life.  Greetings in traditional Hawaiian fashion exchange the hä between people.  We share our lives together in aloha.  To lack the respect for life is to be without hä, literally, häÿole.  To breathe with awareness of this connection is to nurture one’s mana (life force).
Lomilomi strengthens the Hä (Breath of Life) within the giver and receiver.  The hä is vital to the restoration of pono, mana, and ola (life).

Life force, like Chi or Ki.  We can cultivate our mana, by caring for our selves and our connection to all creation. We can direct it as we wish, a huge responsibility.  Mana manifests in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual 
Balance, rightness, correctness. When things are in balance with the rest of creation, and all are treated with aloha, with justice, fairness, and correctness, then things are pono.  Pono creates well being at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
Make Right Within, Forgiveness
To cause or create pono.  When one is not pono, maÿi, or illness results.  This can appear in an individual, a family, a community, a nation.   Hoÿoponopono is the process of making things right, of repairing the damage.  It requires acknowledging and releasing one’s wrongs as well as one’s hurts without blame.  It requires granting and accepting forgiveness.  Ho'oponopono restores our connection with The Source, and our mana flows once again.

Lomilomi restores and replenishes health by helping the client return to pono (balance) and reconnecting with ke Akua.  The imbalance causes illness and disease, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We encourage our clients to identify those disruptions in their lives, rectify them, thus releasing the blocked energy, not only during the massage, but also as an ongoing part of their lifestyle.  As lomilomi  therapists, we practice this as well, because it affects our own well being and our capacity to guide the healing process.

The lower abdomen, the intestines, the “gut”.  It is here that the seat of wisdom and intelligence, emotion, mana, and physical strength resides.  The expression “gut feeling” reflects the understanding that this is the core of our being, the seat of emotion.  Whether in hula, lomilomi, or any other Hawaiian practice, one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual mana flow from here.
To genuinely care for something, someone, as if it were one’s own. From the concept of Aloha, we are all connected to the Divine. We all share the hä of life, and it is this understanding that guides mälama.
We hold a responsibility to the client to ensure that they are protected and cared for, while they are in a lomilomi treatment.  A simple reminder from Aunty Margaret is to “love the body as if it were your own”.

Humbleness.  We recognize ourselves as only a single part of the whole of the divine creation.