Lomi Lomi 

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian art of healing passed down to family members from generation to generation. It is a gentle, graceful, rhythmic  massage applied to different parts of the body (pressure points, nerve centers, muscle tissue, and internal organs). It can vary in intensity.

Lomilomi removes toxic wastes, tension, pain and tiredness from the body and replaces it with positive energy and vitality, also increasing circulation and improving muscle tone. 

From the perspective of a Lomilomi practitioner, the practice is an attitude that one has to be clean and positive in mind, body and spirit when massaging another person.  One is transferring positive energy and feeling to another whereby healing is taking place before, during and after lomilomi.

"Lomi Lomi is a cultural therapy that creates harmony and balance in the body."
                    -Aunty Kahaunaniomaunakea Mokiao – Haumana lomilomi

            "Hawaiian massage is a praying work." 
                    -Aunty Margaret Machado – Kumu lomilomi

The Experience of Lomi Lomi 

Grounding, Insulating
Lomilomi requires that we maintain grounding before, during, and after a treatment.  This process connects our mana to the Divine Creator, and allows the mana to flow through us. 
To pray;  grace, blessing.  
When we pule, we honor, respect, and give thanks to ke akua.  We humbly ask for guidance and protection.
Lomilomi always begins and ends with prayer. It affirms our relationship with ke Akua, allowing us to express honor, respect, and gratitude, as well as seeking guidance and asking for protection. 
Praying work 
Intent/Focus -  Practice With Humility
Lomilomi is a prayerful work, connecting the client and the practitioner, with the Source of all Life, Ke Akua.  The practitioner is merely a vehicle of the healing process, a conduit for the mana. 
Loving Touch 
Hands Always Soft and Gentle 
Lomilomi can be light as a feather or “down to the bone”.  Our hands are always gentle, and loving, expressing our aloha.  
Body Mechanics 
Use of Body Weight - NOT Muscle Strength
Lomilomi moves from the naÿau, where the source of our power resides, and not from muscle strength.  Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual mana arise from our naÿau, and flows through our arms and hands to direct the healing.  Tensing up the body will literally stop the flow of mana at the point of tension, and will result in our touch being hard or harsh. 
1-2-3 Count - 1-2-3 Pressure
Lomilomi uses a basic rhythm and flow of 1-2-3.  The pressure and movement continues to repeat the 1-2-3 count.  This encourages the client to relax and let go. 
Heart Connection 
Sincere Compassion and Love
Lomilomi is a connection of genuine caring between the practitioner, the client, and Ke Akua.  It is an expression of unconditional desire to alleviate the pain, fatigue, and stress, and to attain well being.  This intent and focus is the purpose of lomilomi. 
Massage of Self
Lomilomi is very intimate.  We are tuning our awareness to the client’s and our own feelings on a physical, mental, emotional, and  spiritual level.  Each body brings a different awareness of our selves.  Lomilomi is massage of self.
Always After Deep Work
Whenever we apply deep lomilomi, we must be sure to use soothing strokes before we move on, making sure the client feels safe, nurtured, and cared for.