David Lewis, LMT

David is a lomilomi practitioner, certified massage therapist, and reiki master who is dedicated to the ongoing integration of mind, body and spirit. A native of Hawaii, David was trained by elders from Hawaii and New Zealand, and carries forth native Island healing traditions. He brings his heart to yours through bodywork, breath and energy, the basis of which is aloha….seeing the divine in everything.

Working not just with the body, David understands the interconnection of the body with the mind and spirit.  Using compassion, intuition and great healing
capacity, David finds congested energy in the body to release and open one's growth towards wholeness. David holds great humor and heart in the old tradition of Hawaii.

David's teachers include Auntie Margaret Machado, Uncle Kalua Kaiahua and Papa Hohepa de la Mer from New Zealand.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Auntie Margaret Machado