In our last class, we studied Celtic shamanism and travel to the upper world. For those of you who came to the practice session, I wanted to share with the larger group what we talked about and did that evening.  It is clear that when we begin shamanic work we do at some point get tested, challenged, become emotional from old stuffed events, emotions etc that have not fully been cleansed. That being said, we are a work in progress so as difficult as it can seem, please trust and know that it will pass. My two favorite words are contraction and expansion. The contraction is the difficult emotions etc that are not so fun to work with. However, throughout the contraction, it opens the door to expansion. The expansion that brings in your connection to spirit, your guides, your power animals and continue to build trust in your experience. Sometimes the difficulty in contraction can be emotions that badly need expression. It is always best to write about it, talk to a friend, call me etc than to express the emotion with intensity at your loved ones who don't understand what is going on. Please be mindful and kind as you can be in moving through these challenges. These were some of the things we talked about in the practice session. We also did an individual journey asking for peace, healing etc… anything each person wished to ask for. It is so lovely to work with you all. You are such a blessing. Deb